Wednesday, August 13, 2008

R.I.P. DJ :(

We knew with his expiring contract that it was just a matter of time before DJ became an ex-Cavalier. Well, the inevitable happened today. As we welcome Mo Williams into Cavalierland, I have to admit I will miss DJ. The Hawk was fun obviously, but I really did enjoy DJ's personality and all his dumb antics. And of course the shot in Game 6 in Washington in 2006 will forever be etched in our memories. Best of luck to you up in Milwaukee DJ. Have fun being the Central Division doormats. And remember, don't get in the way when LeBron gets ready to throw one down again.

We'll always have this memory of DJ in the wine and gold uniform

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Calling Coach Brown...

Well, DJ didn't play again in Game 5, and not coincidentally, the Cavaliers lost a chance at home to close out the Wizards. Obviously I've had a beef with Coach Brown over DJ's lost playing time for a while now. And while it's fun to jokingly (well, half-jokingly) blame it on the karma of the lost Hawk, I'm honestly getting tired of DJ not getting a chance. I understand the Szczerbiak experiment. And I understand trying Devin Brown for a while. But it's not working.

Look, I appreciate Devin Brown's hustle and hard work. He's one of only two Cavaliers that's not afraid to drive strong to the hoop (and I think you know who the other more famous one is). And I know we had to give Wally a shot. But Caron Butler ate him alive last night. If you want someone out there who isn't a strong defender, can't it at least be a guy who you know can drain shots under the pressure of the postseason? I'm begging you Mike Brown, give Damon another chance before this season goes up in smoke. Let him help beat the Wizards again.

DJ is dying to follow up this shot with another dagger in '08

Friday, April 25, 2008

DJ makes a Game 3 appearance

With the Cavaliers getting absolutely squashed on Thursday night in Game 3, Mike Brown decided to pry Damon Jones off the bench. DJ's night went about as well as the rest of the team:

5:54 Damon Jones enters the game for Delonte West
4:20 Damon Jones personal foul (Antonio Daniels draws the foul)
3:38 Devin Brown makes 25-foot three point jumper (Damon Jones assists)

2:13 Damon Jones misses 25-foot three point jumper
2:01 Damon Jones misses 23-foot three point jumper
1:08 Damon Jones bad pass (Oleksiy Pecherov steals)
0:47 Damon Jones misses three point jumper
If you're scoring at home, that's 6 minutes of action, 0-3 from the field, 1 assist, 1 turnover, and one horrific night for everyone involved.

To top things off, two of the Wizards decided to steal the karma of the Hawk and seemed to enjoy the results. Just kill me now.

Game 3 was a disaster in all aspects - including two Wizards now flying Hawks

Monday, April 21, 2008

Damon Gets the Last Laugh

To add some more fuel to the fire in the Cavaliers-Wizards series, DJ got into the act tonight. After the Cavs absolutely pummeled the Wizards, Mike Brown was able to rest the regular guys and Damon was able to get in for a few minutes at the end of the fourth. With about a minute left in the game he gave me the best highlight of a memorable Game 2 30-point blowout. DJ, I'm almost not mad at you anymore for cutting of the Hawk. Almost.

Here's the video evidence (I'll post a better version when available). DJ mocking DeShawn Stevenson:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Triumphant Return?

I was very excited to see the Cavaliers' starting lineup yesterday before the opening tip. DJ would indeed be making his way off the bench in a starting role in the season finale vs. the Pistons. This was his chance to prove to Mike Brown that he belongs in the rotation and would be ready to answer the bell in the playoffs. Well someone forgot to mention to Damon that he needed to perform. In 37 minutes of action, DJ was an ice cold 1-12 from the field with just two assists and one rebound for a grand total of four points.

Now I'd like to attribute this to the cobwebs built up over the previous 7-game stint on the bench. And maybe DJ was pressing a little too hard out there after all that time off. Or maybe this is karma's one final slap-in-the-face for the Hawk incident. Either way, his prospects aren't looking good for redemption. This may be his final act as a Cavalier and I for one am truly disappointed.

LeBron didn't seem to mind the loss, but DJ sure should

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Now I'm really confused

The bad news: DJ notched his 6th straight DNP-CD. I hope you're growing that hair out now DJ. I just bought some new clippers and I can resurrect the Hawk myself if you need me to. Nothing short of a miracle will get you off that bench now. And the Hawk is (or should I say was?) a miracle.

The confusing news: Sasha Pavlovic was in the starting lineup in place of Devin Brown. So Devin came off the bench, and Wally Szczerbiak played bench-buddy to DJ tonight, collecting his first DNP-CD of the year. And Dwayne Jones played one minute. It all makes sense, right? (my head is spinning)

The good news: We FINALLY wrapped up home court with the bizarre win over the Sixers after Devin Brown drained two free throws with .2 seconds left. Even better news - the win means that Wednesday's game vs. the Pistons means absolutely nothing. This has to ensure that DJ gets some major PT for this one, right Coach Brown??? We're keeping our fingers crossed...

LeBron wants to see DJ play on Wednesday!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Same old, same old

Well, Sunday night's win over the hapless Heat marked the fifth consecutive DNP-CD for Damon. Ranting about the Cavaliers barely beating a 13-win team at home is for another blog. Here I'm still grasping to understand what Damon did to take himself out of the rotation completely. There are just two games left before the postseason and DJ is stuck on the bench, probably wondering the same.

I saw this from Brian Windhorst's "Dribbles" section in Saturday's Akron Beacon Journal. Apparently Mike Brown doesn't see the value in this information:

• The Web site ( revealed something else with its clutch stats. The two players in the NBA with the best plus/minus rating, the difference a player makes on the scoreboard when he is on the court, in clutch time are Damon Jones (+48 in 89 total minutes) and Zydrunas Ilgauskas (+36 in 134 minutes). That's 1-2 in the entire league. James, by the way, is fifth at +32 in 210 minutes. It speaks to how well the Cavs have played in close games. However, Jones and Ilgauskas often are not on the floor, despite their good numbers.

DJ has once again been relegated to the role of team comedian

Friday, April 11, 2008

DJ has tendinitis???

I just caught this little bit of info from Brian Windhorst in today's ABJ:

"Damon Jones had an MRI on his knees, which have been bothering him, and it confirmed he has tendinitis. He also did not practice, but is expected to be on the active roster tonight."
Now I'm not a doctor, I just play one on this blog. But in my expert medical opinion, this is definitely related to the death of the Hawk. One of the following two theories is undoubtedly true:

1) His body was used to the extra weight of the Hawk, and now that it is gone his knees tried to adjust to the difference, he ran slightly different, and thus the onset of tendinitis.

2) Probably the more plausible theory - he was just much more aerodynamic with the Hawk and cut through the wind resistance. Obviously this ease of motion was much less stressful on the knee joints.

chiefwahoo56, M.D. says less aerodynamic = more injury prone :(

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A distubing trend

Honestly, when I started this blog I never imagined that DJ would be the odd man out of the Cavs rotation. Wednesday night marked the 4th straight DNP-CD for Damon. You know he has to be getting frustrated (as evidenced by the PD article in my previous post and this one from the Brian Windhorst). I understand that Boobie needs to be integrated back into the lineup. He is an important piece of the puzzle. And I understand going with Sczcerbiak and West for long stretches. We need all these guys on the same page in the playoffs. But to me, that includes DJ as well. He was enjoying his best season as a Cavalier and was really stretching the defense and making them pay for sagging on LeBron. I don't understand cutting him out of the rotation completely.

Damon - my best advice to you is to bring back the Hawk. The fans love it. I love to write about it. And you were in the rotation and playing well with it. Then you went and messed up a good thing and karma is punishing you. But karma can give as well as take. Bring back the Hawk and restore order in Cavalier Land. I'm asking you for your own good now.

Remember how happy you were back then? There's a way to bring that back...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DJ speaks

There was an interesting story from Mary Schmitt Boyer in today's Cleveland Plain Dealer involving DJ's lack of playing time.

DJ on the difficulty of watching his team struggle while sitting on the bench:

"Hard is not the word," he said. "I don't think there's a word for it that can explain the feelings you go through knowing that you're capable of being positive and helping the team win in any way, shape or form and at this point in time, my name's not being called. It's three years in a row for me, and every time I've been called upon, hopefully I've been able to be positive towards the team winning."

"I think that's been the frustrating part about it is that over the course of three years the consistency of the opportunity hasn't fully been there," said Jones, who did ask to be traded earlier this season. "I just have to be ready when called up and hopefully I can be positive with the team.

"That's what it's about at the end of the day. It's about the team winning and being successful. It's not about Damon Jones. It's not about any one individual. Collectively as a group we have to find a way to get to a level in five games to where we feel good about our chances of doing what we did last season."

Mike Brown on not playing DJ:
"I'm not just looking at a guy making shots," Brown said. "I'm looking at matchups and defensively and rebounding-wise and some of the little things that may not show up on a field-goal percentage stat sheet. I know Damon has hit shots for us in the past when his number is called. That's not anything that I think about: that Damon has hit big shots for us so he doesn't necessarily have to be in the rotation to be effective. He'll be there when I feel it's the right thing."
*update* One of my esteemed colleagues (the great Maximus) over at RealCavsFans just pointed out the following eye-popping information that further backs our claims that DJ needs to be on the court, especially in crunch time:
  • Damon's oncourt/offcourt net is +4.9....2nd best on the Cavs.
  • Damon's +/- on the season is +71...2nd best on the team.
  • Damon's +/- per 48mins of clutch time is +43....that's 1st in the NBA.

Will we see this swagger on the court again this season?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another DNP-CD, another loss...

Today marked DJ's third DNP-CD in a row and another one in the "L" column for the Cavaliers. The team is also 5-6 since DJ stopped flying the Hawk. I hate to say I told you so, but...

I'm not sure exactly what Mike Brown is trying to do with this team, but whatever it is, it's not working. If this persists, it will certainly be a quick exit from the postseason this year. On the bright side, I guess I'll save a little money. But lord knows I'd pay a ton to see just one of my teams grab a title just once. I see the Cavaliers' chances slipping away this year. Karma is a funny thing.

Hedo and Keyon are happy DJ scrapped the Hawk

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Time for a shameless plug...

I've started a new blog, chronicling all three of our beloved Cleveland sports franchises and their quest for a title. If you're interested in following the journey then check it out here.

In other news, Damon Jones received the dreaded "DNP - Coach's Decision" last night. Apparently Mike Brown was a fan of the Hawk too :(

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In the dog house...

Well, judging from DJ's playing time over the last two games (or lack thereof) it looks like he's back in Mike Brown's dog house... or just relegated to the bench again. I had a feeling this was coming with the return of Boobie. And I have to agree with Brian Windhorst, I'm not so sure this is a great idea. There are enough minutes for Gibson and Damon to both drain open shots for this team. DJ is a great shooter no matter what you think of him personally, and he should be getting consistent minutes. Mr. Szczerbiak on the other hand... let's just hope he comes around some day. At least his $13M expiring contract will be coming in handy soon.

For the love of Moondog Wally, please start hitting these open shots

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Like I said...

So the Cavaliers lost to the lowly Bucks AGAIN last night. This is getting a little old. I can't help but think that the sports gods are still made about DJ dropping the Hawk. I have no other explanation for us being dominated again by such a crappy team. The proof:

And that box score doesn't even begin to tell the whole story about how Mo Williams consistently blew by our man Damon. Somehow we need to right the ship on the road. Losing to the Bucks 3 times in one season is quite embarrassing.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Maybe he's onto something...

OK, everyone knows we (really "me" since this is a one-man operation) are so NOT not down with DJ losing the Hawk. But I'll have to admit, if losing it means more wins like tonight against the Pistons, it will at least soften the blow for me. While DJ didn't even score tonight, I thought he played some important minutes. And he shook off a turned ankle just when I was afraid we might be hit with another injury. Big Z was huge tonight and LeBron was his normal phenomenal self. The jury is still out on the effects to team chemistry with the loss of the Hawk, but let's hope for more happy results like tonight. I hate the freaking Pistons, so it's always special to beat those idiots...

Monday, March 17, 2008

R.I.P. Hawk

Shock, dismay, horror, denial, and finally, acceptance. I ran the gamut of emotions last night as I watched DJ trot out onto the court without the Hawk we had come to admire so much. It was a great run, we had fun while it lasted, and no one can take away the memories of the Hawk flying high for our beloved Cavaliers. I only hope that this decision has not jeopardized our entire season. And remember DJ, it's never too late to let the Hawk fly again. I have a feeling it would look really nice in June next to the O'Brien trophy...

Here's a quote after the game from the man himself:

Damon Jones followed though with his promise and shaved off his mohawk during the weekend.

''Every city in the East (conference) had seen it,'' Jones said, ''It's time for me to set a new trend.''

Rest in peace Hawk.

DJ's Hawk: 1/21/2008 - 3/16/2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Now it's up to DJ...

Well, the fans have spoken. The poll has now closed and in just over 12 hours there were 253 votes, with a whopping 87% in favor of keeping the 'hawk. Also another 70+ people were kind enough to sign the petition on behalf of the movement. So there you have it DJ, it's now on you. Just remember - the Hawk (henceforth capitalized for significance) was with you when you drained that three to cut the lead to one in the waning seconds tonight (3-5 from the 'Land O' Three' total). I'd talk more about it but I'm still pissed the team somehow lost another road game to an inferior team...

*update* Friday, 3/14 @ noon, new poll added to the right

Was this the final flight of the Hawk? :(
(click to enlarge)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We are definitely reaching the masses (and preaching to the choir)

This important cause is indeed getting some attention now. Not only have we been featured in today's Akron Beacon Journal, but also's TrueHoop (by the great Henry Abbott) and AOL Sports' Fanhouse. Thanks for the free pub! Now more people can assist in this groundbreaking movement.

So far the 'hawk fans have spoken in an overwhelming majority. Those in favor of keeping the 'do are leading 86% to a paltry 13% opposition. Are you listening to the fans Damon? Remember, you don't want to disappoint them...

And there are still 6 more hours to vote. Together we can preserve the 'hawk and harmony in Cavalier Land. I predict a big night for Mr. Jones tonight in the District... unless he's still thinking about bringing out the clippers after the game (oh the agony)!

The power of the fans!!!

So I just happened to stumble upon this from our beloved Brian Windhorst of the Akron Beacon Journal today:

Damon Jones had announced plans to shave off his Mohawk after this two-game road trip. But the style has caught on among basketball players and, apparently, fans. A group of fans started a blog aimed at getting Jones to save the 'do, at Jones has heard about the site.

''Maybe I'll have to reconsider,'' Jones said. ''If enough fans feel that way, I don't want to disappoint them.''

I don't want to start partying prematurely but it sounds as if Mr. Jones has reconsidered his ill-fated decision! We'll know more in the next couple of days. Be on the lookout for the mohawk tonight in Washington D.C. and more importantly, hopefully still intact at the Q on Sunday vs. the Bobcats. More updates to come on this breaking news...

DJ are you listening?

I was informed by people "in the know" that DJ might be checking this site out. So I ask you Mr. Jones, are you listening? The fans are speaking by signing the petition to ask you to keep the mohawk intact.

You are a true team player and we know you wouldn't want to disrupt the team's success. Please, consider the ramifications of your actions. KEEP THE 'HAWK. Really, it comes down to karma at this point. As Earl Hickey would say, "Karma is a funny thing." Do the right thing DJ :)

*a poll was also added today (to the right) to go along with the overwhelming number of mohawk supporters on the petition... how much more evidence to you need Damon??? ;)